Outlying Islands Ahoy!


Penghu’s northern sea is home to a number of small islets, some of which are uninhabited and are barely visible on satellite maps. One of the most beautiful of these is Mudouyu, a large rock formation surrounded by a shallow clear water reef and small beaches. Due to the hazardous shallow rocky waters a lighthouse was built on Mudouyu in the 1920s and has since become the defining feature of the islet. 

With its black and white stripes and standing at 40m tall, the lighthouse is a spectacular sight. The small white sand beaches surrounding the islet truly impress with their azure waters and lost cast-away paradise feel. There is a small dock where boats anchor and people can explore by walking around the rocks and up to the lighthouse. Though you can’t enter the lighthouse, sitting next to it on the cliff is a small shrine for keeping those at sea safe and a pagoda for taking in the view.

During the summer a variety of Terns migrate to Penghu and many of them settle on Mudoyu. If you come prepared you can easily kayak around the islet and take in a view of the northern side where hundreds of Terns nest, and which can’t be reached by foot. Swimming and snorkeling are very good too, though beware of the sometimes strong currents.

Mudouyu can be reached by tour boat from Magong. You’ll have to arrange to join a tour through a tour shop in Magong, the visitor centre or go with friends who have a boat. Travel time from Magong takes around 1.5 to 2 hours.

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