Jun Tou Tea House

Magong, like much of Taiwan is littered with ‘tea-shops’. Little stalls that are literally everywhere, selling take-away tea and assorted drinks. Some are chains and others just one-off mum and pop shops. More often than not these places are take-away only, with no place to sit and relax – they offer no way to enjoy your tea in a setting that reflects the traditional tea-culture of Taiwan. That’s where Jun Tou Tea House comes in. Like a haven amongst a sea of sameness, Jun Tou is truly one of Magong’s best kept secrets. Few foreigners have ever found the place and those who have were probably loath to share the secret of this quiet retreat.

Jun Tou opened its doors more than a decade ago as a family establishment, selling an extensive selection of high quality Taiwanese and Chinese tea, along with tea snacks and a limited set lunch and dinner menu. Since that time it has positioned itself as a quiet, humble force in establishing the tea culture of Penghu. This is the kind of place you come to enjoy a pot of tea, alone or with friends, for hours.  Inspired by a fusion of traditional Chinese, Japanese and local decor, much of it hand built and carved by the owner himself, Jun Tou offers a variety of private rooms and seating – all immaculately kept to reflect the quailty and philosophy of  the establishment. Simple and fresh is their motto and excellent service and atmosphere is how they deliver it. An English menu is available if you ask.

Jun Tou is located on WénXué Road in Magong City. It’s open from 11am till late every day. See the map below for more detailed directions.

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