Penghu Must Do List!

Overgrown pathways at Aimen Beach
  • EXPLORE THE ISLANDS – Explore by scooter around the main islands, across the great bridge and out to Siyu Island and lighthouse. There are countless small villages, narrow country lanes that lead to secret beaches, traditional coral wall gardens and much more to see, as well as the amazing ocean view on all sides.
  • TONGLIANG BANYAN TREE – Tongliang Banyan Tree is an incredible tree that has to be seen to be believed. There are souvenir shops,  cactus ice cream stores and a  Temple surrounding the tree.
  • WALK THE RAINBOW BRIDGE – Walk over the Rainbow Bridge and watch the sunset at Guanyingting park. After sunset the bridge lights up with rainbow colors that shimmer over the bay. A great place that’s in the city centre – you can wind down and enjoy the view, visit the small temple, take kids to the play ground or have a picnic bbq.

  • ERKAN VILLAGE – Walk around Erkan Village and see beautifully restored traditional Penghu coral houses that are still lived in. These old houses are a strong  feature of Penghu’s history and landscape and are slowly disappearing. Erkan is the best remaining example of these elegant crafted houses.
  • TIEN HOU TEMPLE – Visit Tien Hou Temple in downtown Magong, it’s one of the oldest in Taiwan and has been painstakingly restored.
  • XIAOMEN – Ride to Xiaomen, a quaint island hamlet tucked away from the crowds. The descent down the winding road to Xiaomen takes you through a small fishing port and between a basalt gorge. A few small shops can be found in the village and once you walk the path to the top of the hill you’re greeted by stunning cliff top views the “whale cave”. There’s also a geology museum which might be worth a look.
  • CACTUS ICE CREAM – Try the refreshingly good local Cactus Ice cream. It’s more like a sorbet than ice cream and is made from prickly pear cactus fruit that grown wild all over Penghu.
  • ISLAND BOAT TRIP – Take a boat tour to one of the outer islands, Chimei, Wangan, Jibei or even some of the more remote islets like Mudouyu and Dongji.
  • BEAUTIFUL BEACHES – Head to one of the great beaches for a swim, picnic or BBQ – Lintou Park, Shan Shuei Beach, Shili Beach, Longmen Beach or Neian Beach if you’re heading further out.
  • DOWNTOWN – Wander downtown around Zhong Zhen Road and find the oldest narrow alleys in Magong.
  • PENGHU LIVING MUSEUM – Visit the newly opened Penghu Living Museum which details traditional life in the islands.
  • PENGHU AQUARIUM – Run by dedicated volunteers, you can get a look at local sea life up close at the small but interesting Penghu Aquarium. They have special feeding shows each day and a souvenir shop.


About italsista Asha Andersen, is a visual artist from New Zealand. This site is a way of sharing photography, art, music and all things ital. To see a larger selection of my photographic work visit italsista on flickr. vitalpenghu is a collection of reviews, articles and photographs of the Penghu archipelago.
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