vitalpenghu.wordpress.com is a collection of reviews, articles and photographs of the Penghu archipelago. The site hopes to offer visitors and residents insight into life on these islands, where much is concealed by tradition and culture making integrating a challenge. vitalpenghu aims to ease some of these difficulties with practical information on everyday living, whilst revealing the true gems Penghu has to offer.

If you find any of the information on the site is really useful, you wish to add something or notice something is no longer valid, please comment or send an email. Also, local photographers, writiers and reviewers based in Penghu, or travelers passing through are welcome to submit photos, articles or stories to – vitalpenghu [at] gmail.com

Alternately if you find this site useful send an email or make a comment!

Chinese Pinyin

This website uses standard Chinese Pinyin when providing words in Chinese. Please note that sometimes words on signs, maps etc. may use a different system of spelling. For example, words such as Zhōng Zhèng Road (pinyin) may be spelt as Jong Jeng Road or gāoliáng liquor (pinyin) may be spelt as kaoliang.

Copyright and Images

All images and articles appearing on this site are subject to copyright and can not be used or copied without the expressed permission of the author. Please use the contact information provided to ask about image and article use.

6 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Penghu looks wonderful in photos, and there’s no doubt about it, Penghu is an amazing place to be at!

  2. jamynguyen says:

    Your blog is the holy grail of all things Penghu! Before I moved to Penghu (last year,) this was the only thing I could find on the archipelago. Thanks for all of this!

  3. James Devine says:

    Thanks for the awesome info. Much aappreciated

  4. Nice blog, so many useful information.
    Recently, I noticed some problems about information for foreign visitors(non-Taiwanese) , such like scooter rental, food, souvenir, attraction…etc,
    More and more foreigners come to visit Penghu and there must be some people provides such information, because most of people in Penghu can’t speak English(or other foreign languages) well, it may not be a very big problem, but I just think it’s still a problem (need more time to get some thing done), so it would be better if there were some info can be easily found on some websites.
    And today I found your blog, I think it has detailed information, awesome job. 😀

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