Bars and Pubs

The pub scene in Magong, if you can call it that, changes regularly. Places open and close like there’s no tomorrow, mainly due to slow business. One of the oldest and most reliable establishments is Freud’s. Pubs usually open anywhere between 7-9pm and close around 2-3am.

CLOSED / NEW INFO COMING SOON – 823 Pub – 823 Pub sits just off the corner of GuāngMíngand HuìMín First Roads. The number 823 has significant meaning in Taiwan as it denotes the exact date (August 23, 1958) when China (PRC) began unprovoked bombing of Taiwan’s outlying islands, Matsu and Kinmen. The pub has a military theme with guns, grenades and flags throughout and toy plastic soldier warfare being carried out in the bathroom. It’s relatively new on the scene but is proving to be a popular haunt. If after taking a seat you are joined by a few young women, don’t be alarmed they work as hostesses at the bar and it’s their job to make sure you have a good time – and of course drink (teaching drinking games is their specialty). Let them know if you’d prefer not to have the company and they’ll see to other customers. Even though Penghu is home to several thousand military men and women, 823 is not crawling with gun-ho soldiers as one might expect, rather rowdy locals and uni students. There’s a mannequin dressed in army gear standing outside during opening hours.

Pub Colony (Sunny Colony) – Tucked away in an alley just off Zhōng Zhèng Road (just opposite the big red Makung specialty foods store) is this nice little pub. Recently redesigned from its former ‘English Pub’ theme, this place is now a chic little lounge bar. Along with an extensive drinks menu this place also has shishas with 11 kinds of fruit and spice tobacco for you to try for only 500NT. In a prime location downtown near the old street, it’s the perfect place from which to take a night-time stroll around Magong’s old maze of alleys; make sure you do it again during the daytime to get a good look at the traditional architecture.

Freud – This is a rustic little downtown bar, that sits on the corner of XīnShēng and GuāngFù road. They have the best selection of beer we’ve come across, with a few different Belgium beers on the menu. The staff are friendly and professional and apparently the place has a large collection of blues music. On weekends during the summer this place is crowded with touristy Taipeites, laid back locals and anyone else who wanders in.  The decor is pretty kitsch with interesting tidbits spread through out the place. It has a large back area with booths and special seating for groups.

UnfaithfulJust two stores down from Liquid Sports Cafe on HuìMín First Road, next to an Indonesian mini-store, is Unfaithful. Filled with sofas and an abundance of gaudy goodies, this bar has friendly hostesses who will sit with you and drink and a space on the second floor for KTV. The house doggie is a little white pooch called lǜ chá (green tea).

Pub Crawl Magong Style

If you feel like trying a few of these places but don’t really know where to start, check out this pub crawl. There’s a detailed route on the map below and it’s best done on foot or bike.

Start at Pub Colony, have a drink and ease into the evening. Next head up ZhōngZhèng Road (or take the back alleys) to the corner of GuāngMíng and HuìMín First Road where you’ll find 823 Pub. Look for the military mannequin out-front; don’t make the mistake of going into the seedy KTV pub next door! In 823, chat to the locals, check out the toy soldier display in the bathroom and the big gun on the bar. When you’re done here walk up HuìMín First Road and you should see Unfaithful on your right(though there is no English sign) next to an Indonesian mini-store. With a name like Unfaithful, how can you not let your mind wonder what kind of crowd this place draws? Make sure you say ‘Hi’ to lǜ chá, the resident pooch. Last on the list is Freud. To get there keep walking up HuìMín First Road and turn right on to MínShēng Road. Walk straight along this road for about 3-4 minutes until you get to a crazy 6-way intersection (there’s a 7-11 on the right if you need a snack). Freud is on the second road to your left. Dance, drink, chat the rest of the night…or morning away and remember to walk, take a taxi or ride a bike home!

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