Coffee and Tea


Panda Café – A popular place that serves pasta, rice, sandwiches and other tasty meals. They make great coffee and also sell their own roasted beans from around the world. This is the place to get your organic beans from El Salvador!

JiHao ZhōngZhèng Road – On the main street with umbrellas and good outdoor seating, this place is a good spot for people watching. They make great coffee as well as tea and other drinks. The hot waffles with cream or honey are made fresh and are delish! There’s also a selection of toast to choose from.

Julian’s – This is a tiny laid back café on the corner of MínFú and ZhongXing Roads. It serves great coffee, delicious brunch, brownie and cheesecake in a deli cafe style setting.   

e-coffee ZhōngZhèng Road – Down the end of ZhōngZhèng Road right near the harbour is e-coffee. It has good outdoor seating, a fresh sea breeze and pretty good coffee, too.

85° Café – Specialising in cakes, puddings and drinks, this cafe has outdoor seating plus a large upstairs area with chairs and tables. Good coffee, tea, shakes and great looking desserts can be found here.

Donutes Café – This place is half bakery and half café. The selection of baked goods ranges from cakes and sliced bread to sweets, savouries and baguettes. With comfy stylish seating and on the main street, this place is pretty popular. They also have some great all-fruit ice cream for those scorching summer days.


Tea shops are too numerous to list! There’s almost one on every street, some local and some chains. Here are a few sit-down tea houses that come highly recommended and are a step above the take-away kind.

Jun Tou On WénXué Road, this traditional tea house and restaurant makes dining and drinking tea an unforgettable experience. Designed in traditional Chinese style, this restaurant/tea house is a secret hideaway where one can enjoy every aspect of high quality tea and family hospitality. You’ll sit tucked away in your own private room with traditional seating and decor. There’s a new English menu listing their extensive range of teas as well as snacks and set meals.

more to come…

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