Magong has an abundance of cafés and tea shops lining its streets, particularly in the downtown area along Zhōng Zhèng lu (Zhong Zheng Road). There are also juice stands all around the city offering relatively cheap, wholesome shakes and juices. Bars and pubs downtown will make you feel welcome with a cocktail and a personal hostess to boot.  See the map below for all locations

chá (tea)

As in the rest of Taiwan, tea is a big part of the culture in Penghu. Tea shops are usually small enclaves that consist of a street facing counter with a small area in behind for staff to work in. There are several places, however, that provide nice atmosphere and good seating for you to take a load off.

There are several tea chains from Taiwan proper in Penghu, as well as many independent local businesses. Almost all serve, hóng chá (black tea), lǜ chá (green tea), wū lóng chá (oolong tea), shuǐguǒ chá (fruit tea) and huā chá (flower tea), in addition to their own specialty drinks. Zhēnzhū nǎi chá (pearl milk tea), commonly called bubble milk tea, is a popular drink made with sweet milk tea with chewy jelly-like tapioca pearls and is available in most tea stores, too.

kāfēi (coffee)

There are many cafés around Magong that serve decent coffee. The barista culture in Taiwan is on the up and up and quality is only getting better. You’ll have no trouble getting an espresso, americano, latte or mochachino – iced or hot. Though this part of the world serves up some of the best dòu jiāng (soymilk) you’ll every try, good luck finding a café that will put it in your coffee.

Nicely roasted beans can be found for sale at two or three locations, and come from a variety of different coffee growing countries. It is even possible to buy organic beans from El Salvador!

jiǔjīng (alcohol)

Liquor Stores

Many family run liquor stores in Magong stock a wide range of foreign and local alcoholic drinks. From spirits like scotch, vodka, gin, and gāoliáng jiǔ (a potent Taiwanese Liquor made from sorghum), to imported wines and beer, all your liquor needs will be met. Supermarkets and 7-11 also carry a limited selection of alcoholic beverages, though usually at a slightly higher price.

Bars and Pubs

A number of small bars and pubs in the downtown area, and countless KTV pubs which are spread throughout the whole city, make up the ‘nightlife’ in Penghu. The bars and pubs serve almost all the standard drinks you would expect to find, and at fairly reasonable prices, too. However, don’t expect to find a nice selection of quality beer on the menu. It seems Heineken and Taiwan beer are all the rage, with little to no demand for something a little tastier.

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