While it may not be a food lover’s paradise, Magong city has a variety of restaurants and cafés serving a good range of food. Taiwanese style cuisine is the main fare with the staple on the menu being Penghu’s famous seafood selection. From huǒguō (hot pot), chǎofàn or chǎomiàn (fried rice or noodles), deliciously prepared seafood, to pizza, pasta and sushi; there’s almost something for everyone. It pays to note though, the Western food is made Taiwanese style to suit the local tastes and can vary a bit from what you’re used to.

Vegetarians won’t go hungry here either; the city has quite a few vegetarian restaurants serving good food. Though some of them are buffet-style and invariably every dish contains MSG; there are a few other places serving delicious freshly made meals without the added flavour enhancers. Many non-vegetarian places will be accommodating, you just need to ask.

Cafés and Bakeries

Luckily, Magong has an abundance of cafés that serve up some fairly decent coffee alongside snacks, breakfast, lunch and baked goods. There are a few dedicated bakeries in the city as well as a couple of bakery/cafés. All serve up yummy food and drinks, though some are perhaps quieter and more comfortable than others. Try out a few and see what works for you.

Street Vendors

Roadside snack stands are also a popular place to get filled up on goodies like dànbǐng (egg crepes), càibāo (stuffed veggie steamed bun) and chūnjuǎn (spring rolls). There are lots of other snacks, though most of them are fried.

Vendors are spread throughout the downtown area, with two special hotspots. Try looking for the clusters of vendors on MínQuán and MínShēng Roads for evening – late night street-side food. Otherwise just wander around town to see what you can find, you’re bound to come across a few stalls.

Markets and Supermarkets

If you’re lucky enough to be able to cook at home, get out to the local market and supermarkets to see what’s available. You’ll be surprised at what can you find, you’ll be cooking delicious meals in no time! It can sometimes be challenging when you can’t find the exact ingredients you’re looking for, however, it is an opportunity to try new things.



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