The Rainbow bridge at Guanyinting Park sends ripples of coloured light across the bay.

People walking across the footbridge take in a view of Siyu Island on the other side of the harbour.

A boy rides his bike at Guanying Temple in Magong.

Summer boat trip to explore the outer islands.

Aimen Beach is the longest beach in Penghu and stretches past a number of small villages.

The wayside of The Great Bridge (2.5km long) that connects Siyu and Baisha islands.

Squid sun dries on the side of the road in Huxi Village.

Jing Wang vegetarian restaurant in Magong specializes in thick soup and sesame noodles.

A man sits under a lone tree at a busy intersection in Magong City.

The photography society’s chartered boat makes the annual trip to a handful of offshore islands.

A lone loo sits on Pon Pon sand islet, waiting for visitors while succumbing to the elements.

The most northern islet, Mudouyu, is uninhabited and home to one of the largest lighthouses in Asia.

A young fisherman on Jung Jun Island untangles and repairs nets after returning with the day’s catch.

A typical cement house stands like a fortress admonishing wind, rain and sun, while a small crop of peanuts thrives below.

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