Liquor Stores

GuāngFù Road Liquor – There’s a small liquor store on GuāngFù Road, just a little further up than the YángMíng/GuāngFù intersection.  Just look for a big blue and white sign; there’s also a yellow Johnnie Walker banner, a little delivery truck and stacks of Taiwan Beer boxes out the front. The store windows are totally covered in promotional posters, so you’ll have to go in a check out the selection. The prices are reasonable, the family who owns the place is very nice and the selection of whiskey is pretty top notch.

XìnYì Road Liquor – Directly across from the WénGuāng Jnr High School on the corner of XìnYì and MíngYuǎn Roads is a slightly larger store. This place seems to carry a larger selection of imported spirits such as vodka and gin, as well as a small range of liqueurs and wines. You can buy cans of schweppes soda water here too, though it’s a little pricy and you have to ask for it.

204 Liquor – In an odd position, where the 204 road meets the 203 road, is another family run joint tucked in a building just behind the decaying dolphin statue.  They have a good selection of whiskey and quite a few bottles of wine, among other things. Look out for the huge red and white sign and mini rock garden.

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