Markets and Supermarkets


BěiChén shìchǎng (Bei Chen market) – There’s a large fresh farmer’s market called BěiChén situated on a street by the same name. It runs from early in the morning to around noon, daily. There is a large variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, as well as snacks, hand-made noodles, tofu, pickles, pots, pans, clothes, shoes and more. The market is situated between ZhōngHuá Road and GuāngFù Road and takes up a number of alleys in between.

Magong Fish Market – A daily fish market down on the harbour front selling the local fishermen’s catch.


Farmer’s Supermarket– Opposite BěiChén market’s rear exit on DàYǒng street and down some stairs, below a big red radish sign, is the Farmer’s Supermarket. This is the only one of the four or five supermarkets in the city to offer fresh produce (fruit, vegetables and meat) alongside all the staples. The other supermarkets are spread around the city and carry a slightly different range of things.

3c Supermarket – This supermarket is tucked in behind the yellow 3c store just off WénGuāng Road. It carries all the basics and more. This is the only place that stocks real New Zealand butter and Sapporo Beer. They have a good snack selection and fairly good prices. Its sister store is the MínQuán Road Supermarket which is good but usually less well stocked.

LínSēn Road Supermarket– Right in the middle of LínSēn Road in a tall building, this store has all the basics, plus a whole lot of other household goods. There are two floors, with frozen food, sauces, oils etc. on the first floor and snacks, drinks, containers, utensils and  personal hygiene upstairs.

BěiChén Supermarket – This supermarket used to be on MínQuán Road and is owned by the same company as the 3c supermarket. It stocks a wide range of snacks, frozen and dry foods and household products, with little to no fresh produce. 

Organic Stores

There are a couple of yǒujīde (organic) stores in the city that sell a limited selection of fresh and imported products. Each store has a slightly different range and it’s best to confirm what’s organic and what’s not, as they often stock a couple of non-organic goods as well.

CháoYáng Organic Store – On the corner of CháoYáng and WénLín Roads is the largest organic store in Penghu. There’s a decent but limited selection, including a range of fruit, vegetables, dried, canned, frozen and non-food goods. Much of the non-fresh produce is imported, with beans, flours, oils, tea, coffee, nuts and dried fruit from various countries. This is one of the only places that sells chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and the organic firm tofu is a good buy. They also have good shampoo and soap, too.

WénGuāng Road Organic Supermarket – Right near the 3c store is this small but well stocked organic store. They carry a range of fresh, dried and frozen goods, as well as their own handmade yoghurt and takeaway salads. They have a larger variety of organic tofu and actually carry eggs, unlike CháoYáng Organic Store.

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