Other Islands

Nothern Sea

Mudouyu – The northern most islet is Mudouyu, which is a large rock formation surrounded by a shallow clear water reef and small beaches. It’s main attraction is it’s huge black and white lighthouse and it’s isolated castaway feel. At the foot of the lighthouse ther is a small alter to the dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea and a pagoda to sit under. Also, there’s fairly good snorkeling in the surrounding waters though be careful of strong currents.

Jibei – The largest island in the northern sea is Jibei. It has an amazing white-sand spit that stretches out into the ocean for 1.5km and is a popular place for water activities in summer. The island can be seen comfortably in a day and is best explored by scooter.

Gupoyu – Another uninhabited island made of basalt and quartz sandstone. There are several pagodas and a basic hut used by visitors to the island. With coral reefs to snorkel in, beautiful beaches and wide open sea vistas, this is a great place to camp or just visit for a few hours. Gupoyu is the main source of laver (edible seaweed) and is a fishing ground for silver anchovy. In small groups of four or five locals visit the island and walk the rocky coastline harvesting food from the ocean.

Southern Sea

Tongpan – The most picturesque views of Penghu’s famous basalt columns can be found on Tongpan Island. A pathway circles the island allowing visitors the opportunity to take in some of Penghu’s most interesting scenery.

Wangan – The largest island in the southern sea is Wangan. Home to the Green Turtle Sanctuary and protected nesting ground as well as well arguably the best collection of well preserved historical residences in Penghu.

Jiang Jun – Neighbouring Wangan is small islet with a very sleepy village called Jiang Jun (General Island). The snorkeling on here is excellent and wandering the village lanes makes for interesting photographs. Jiang Jun can be reached by ferry or coast guard boat from Wangan.

Chimei – Among other natural and cultural attractions, Penghu’s most iconic spot is on Chimei Island. The stone heart weirs (ancient fishing traps) that Penghu is so well known for attract large numbers of visitors each year. Like Jibei and Wangan, Chimei can be comfortably visited in a day.

Huayu –

Maoyu –

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