Gōngyuán (Parks)

Guanyinting (Guanyin Park) – Guanyin is a Buddhist temple named after and dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. It sits on the west coast in downtown Magong facing Siyu Islet and is one of the oldest temples in Penghu. Over the years a large sea-side park called Guanyinting, which includes basketball and tennis courts, a playground and a sheltered bay for swimming, has been built around the temple. Standing over the bay and joining the park’s ocean walkway is the Rainbow Bridge, probably one of the most iconic monuments in Penghu. The bridge lights up each night sending ripples of colour across the bay, and though it may be a little over the top cheesy, it is rather pretty. It’s also the location of Penghu’s annual Fireworks Festival which runs from April to June (Wed/Sat), a celebration to greet the new summer season.

Guanyinting is well used by locals and tourists, though usually at specific times during the day. Morning to early afternoon is the quietest time with no more than a handful of people using the park, but, if you go in the late afternoon or at night during the warmer months it will be busy (but not crowded) with parents, children, teenagers, swimmers, oldies and dogs; all enjoying the cool sea breeze.

On the far side of Guanyinting is the windsurfing club, a large building facing the sea where you can hire equipment and take lessons. From just behind the club you can follow a bike path along the waterfront past rustic outdoor BBQ restaurants, a mini pier,  houses and guesthouses. The path ends abruptly just out of town, it seems it’s an ongoing project.


Relativity Park (aka Albert) – It may seem odd that a statue of Albert Einstein riding a bicycle with his famous e=mc2 formula overhead, is the main feature in the Relativity Park. Perhaps it’s supposed to inspire the students of the neighboring Senior High School to greater academic heights. Whatever the reason, this park which has a number of large Banyan trees offering shade, open grassy spaces and a secluded tennis court, is another example Penghu’s many places of leisure.

The park is within 5 minutes walk of Zhōng Zhèng lu, the main shopping street, and if you walk down a few steps and follow the path down for 1-2 minutes it will take you to Guanyinting park.


Lin-t’ou Gōngyuán (Lintou Park) – This forested park is located on the coast line of ÀiMén Village and backs out directly onto ÀiMén Beach. It is 15-20 minutes by bus, car or scooter from Magong and is well worth the drive. In the park’s former life it was pseudo zoo with a peacock and a few monkeys; but that all ended with a large typhoon some years ago. Now the park has been remodeled  with a new mini outdoor amphitheater, large wooden pagodas and toilet and shower facilities. Camping is allowed, though no one seems to know apart from the odd cyclist.  It really is one of HúXi Isles best kept secrets.

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