Halali Café & Restaurant – A large waterfront café on XìngGǎng North Street with a nautical theme that serves up good food and beverages. The prices are a little steep but this place is worth a visit for its sandwiches, pasta bakes and coffee shakes. This is one of the few places with an English menu and the family that runs the place is nice and friendly.

California Pizza – This is one of the few pizza joints in Magong. Look for the green building with a large orange/red California Pizza sign on the corner of YángMíng and WénLín Road. It’s just opposite a large temple and hard to miss. The pizza is good but comes Taiwanese style so be sure to let them know how you like it i.e. no corn or fish flakes! They have meal deals and a few of the staff speak a little English. 

Panda Café – A popular place that serves pasta, rice  risotto, sandwiches and other tasty meals. They make great coffee and also sell their own roasted beans from around the world. This is the place to get your organic beans from El Salvador!

Peter’s Café & Pizza – Just off ZhongZhen on MingZhu Road (down the street from Panda Cafe). This is the newest version of Havana and is a cafe, bar and pizza house that serves up some tasty Italian pasta dishes. It brings a touch of style to Magong’s restaurants and is a good place to have a meal or drink with friends. The interior is open plan and also has a bar to sit at. There is a private room for a large groups which can be booked in advance and there are a few tables outside where you can enjoy the cool summer breeze. It’s also possible to get their thin crust pizza to go, though there is often a long wait.

Liquid Sports CaféClaims to be popular with the foreign community and specializes in a variety of risotto and pasta. Look for the big blue Liquid Sports sign across from the badminton hall on MínShēng Road. For group bookings call 06 9260361. Opening hours are 11am – 2pm, 5pm – 8pm Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Mondays).


Curry Place A simple Taiwanese/Japanese style curry restaurant on GuāngFù Road that offers a large variety of curry and rice dishes. Look for the curry photos in the window near the corner of GuāngFù Road and CháoYáng Road.

Da You Tien – On Guang Fu Road, right next to the curry place is this simple little Japanese restaurant. They have a basic English menu and make good tempura and udon noodles. The food is not expensive and the place is popular with students. They can also accommodate vegetarians with inari sushi and other vege sushi, as well as fried tofu, vege tempura and fried noodles. Make sure you tell them you don’t want fish flakes!


Breakfast Street – This is not an actual restaurant, rather a narrow lane of random shops and hole-in-the-wall style eateries, serving a whole range of local breakfast food.

Jing Wang Vegetarian Restaurant – Situated downtown at the intersection where GuāngFù meets SānMín Road. Look for the vegan 2011 banner and green and orange sign behind the lone tree on the interesection. This little restaurant serves up its trademark thick soup, alongside a variety of noodles, rice, greens and tofu skin. The thick noodle soup and sesame noodles are pretty kick ass, and everything on the menu is dirt cheap. All the food here is MSG-free and full of goodness.

Loving Hut Vegetarian Cafe – Formerly ‘Good Friend’ vegetarian restaurant. A slightly strange aura emanates from this place and it probably has a lot to do with the fact that it’s an affiliate of the so-called Supreme Master Ching Hai. There are pictures on the walls, books and even a TV streaming uninterrupted Supreme Master TV. Besides this most obvious veneration, the food is all vegetarian, MSG-free and made with healthy green living in mind. They have an English menu available and one of the chefs can speak a little English.

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