B&Bs Guesthouses and Hotels– There’s a variety of accommodation available in Penghu and in fact many locals make a living running guesthouses and B&Bs. The problem for foreign visitors is actually finding the places and getting all the right information. Most places, including the large hotels, don’t have English websites which can make booking rooms rather difficult. Here’s a short list of the few English websites:

Chenhaibay Homestay – In Baisha township, 25-30 minutes out of Magong  City

Love Penghu Guesthouse – Near Shan Shui Beach

Mahalo Bungalow – Shan Shui Beach

Sunrise B&B – Huxi Village

Villa Romana B&B – Near Magong City

Be My House Homestay – Near Magong City/Dongwei

Penghu Youth Activity Centre – Magong City

M Hotel – Magong City

Jackfamily Guesthouse – Magong City.  No English website, but the owner speaks basic English and his place comes highly recommended. Jack also runs independent boating trips to the outer islands in the summer (more for independent travelers than tourists) and can help with other info about Penghu.

Cheap B&B – About as cheap as you can get, this B&B doesn’t have a website but gets some good comments on location, value and having a nice owner. There are double and four person rooms which include breakfast. Prices range from NTD350 for single to NTD500 for double. Located about 5 minutes out of Magong. Call Miss Zhang: 09182-78016

The most comprehensive list of accommodation can be found on this website Clawed Frog Accommodation Guide. Set up by a Taipeite who frequently visits Penghu, this website is not limited to hotels and B&Bs, it includes all kinds of restaurants and stores. The website is in Chinese but has been translated using google translate and is a wealth of great insider information about Penghu with loads of great pictures. Take your time and don’t get frustrated with the sometimes odd translations!

You may need to email prospective places in Chinese or ask a friend to help with the booking if you can’t speak Chinese. Book far in advance if you’re coming during the peak season (April – August) as Penghu is packed with visitors at this time.


Camping– An excellent option that unfortunately few people know about. Penghu has a very relaxed policy to camping and offers a number of beautiful beach-side parks as campgrounds. They are well equipped with toilets, showers, rubbish disposal and nice grassy areas for you to pitch a tent.

If you’re planning on camping on the one of the main islands here are a few places to pitch your tent for the night. Lintou Gongyuan is fully equipped and is a gorgeous sea-side forest park. Try the middle park between Guanyinting and The Relativity Park, it’s a quiet grassy area close to downtown and close to the rainbow bridge and swimming. Other than these places look out for coastal parks dotted along the shores and beaches.

You can pretty much camp anywhere, but be wary of straying on land that is obviously private. Make sure you have mosquito repellant and suncream. BBQs and discreet fires on the beach are no problem as long as you’re careful and clean up afterwards.


Longterm Rental – Renting a house or apartment can be a challenge if you don’t know any locals, as they are the key to knowing what’s available. Most real estate agencies deal in buying and selling not renting. However, stop in and ask as they may know someone with a house or apartment for rent.

So how do you find out about places for rent? Other than directly asking locals, look for notice boards around town and hand-written red posters put up on the front of buildings and houses. Bright red rental notices like these typically contain the Chinese characters 出租 meaning ‘for rent’. They usually mention the floor that the apartment is on and a phone number for you to call. They usually don’t include the address or the price, which is negotiated after you see the place.

A popular website called has a forum where apartments are advertised and people looking for places can post apartment wanted ads. There are often whole apartments and yafang (one room shared bathroom) and taofang (one room with private bathroom) available for around 3ooo-8000 NTD per month. The website is in Chinese so you’ll either need to translate it using your internet browser (Google Chrome does a decent job) or with the help of a local friend.  

You can also check property listings online on websites like Taiwan Property or, though rentals for Penghu are few and far between.

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