Street Vendors

Roadside snack stands are also a popular place to get filled up on goodies like dànbǐng (egg crepes), càibāo(stuffed veggie steamed bun) and chūnjuǎn (spring rolls). There are lots of other snacks, though most of them are fried.

Vendors are spread throughout the downtown area, with two to three special hotspots. Try looking for the clusters of vendors on MínQuán and MínShēng Roads for evening – late night street-side food. Also,  near the intersection of Sanduo Road and Linsen are quite a few vendors selling amongst other things, noodles, savoury flakey pastry pancakes, fried chicken and sweet potato chips. Otherwise just wander around town to see what you can find, you’re bound to come across a few stalls. They are usually open in the late afternoon – late night, but bear in mind some will close up shop for the winter.


Sweet Potato Balls – look for this old lady’s small stall near the entrance to the farmer’s supermarket. Though her hours are fairly random, she’s usually there in the afternoons.

Veggie Spring Rolls – you’ll find this vendor on  MínQuán, the last in the line and out the front of an everything store. Everything they sell is vegetarian and tasty.

Steamed Bunson CháoYáng road and more of a hole-in-the-wall than a street stall; at 5pm everyday you’ll find this place busy with people buying an assortment of steamed buns. Càibāo, steamed buns stuffed with veggies, are the most popular. But they also sell mántou (plain white steamed buns), hēibao (slightly sweet brown sugar buns) and huāzhuan (salty chinese celery). These are a great filling snack and they will set you back a measly $NTD12!

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