Transport to and from Penghu

Airlines – There are three airline companies that fly several times daily to and from Magong Airport. Their websites are only available in Chinese so if needed it’s best to call and ask for someone who speaks English. Depending on which city you’re flying from, flights take around 30-50 minutes and are generally priced around NTD1700 one-way.

Trans Asia Airways Taipei (02)29724599 ; Kaohsiung (07)3359355;                      Makung (06)9218500

Uni Air –  Taipei (02)23583131;Kaohsiung (07)7911000;Makung (06)9216350;
Chiai (05)2862363;Tainan(06)2602811

Mandarin Airlines – Taichung (04)4254236;Kaohsiung (07)3320680;                  Makung (06)9216966;Chimei (06)9971427

Ferries to Penghu – Ferries run from Tainan, Kaohsiung and Chiayi regularly during the summer. During the winter months fewer ferries operate due to the harsh weather. From Kaohsiung the trip takes 4-5 hours and ticket prices usually range from 800 – 1300 NTD depending on what kind of seat you pay for. 

The ferry arrives in the Magong Harbour which is conveniently located at the bottom end of Zhong Zhen Road – right in the heart of town. From here you can easily wander uptown passing a large number of scooter rental shops, hotels, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. There are also a few interesting historical landmarks and temples, including the lanes of Old Magong, the Four-Eyed well and a number of well patroned temples along the way.

Some basic information about ferry times and prices can be found here on the Penghu NSA wesbite. Though it may pay for you to have help from a Taiwan local to decipher the Port and Ferry websites.

Transport around Penghu – Island to Island

Ferries and Tour Boats – Ferries and private tour boats take people to a number of the other smaller islands from three different ports and visitor centres around the main island.

South China Sea – Chimei, Wangan and Tongpanyu. To get to Jung Jun (General Island), Huayu, Dongyuping and Siyuping you’ll need to take a ferry to from Wangan.

North Sea – Jibei Island, Okura Island, Xianjiaoyu.

East China Sea – Yuanpei Island, Niaoyu (Bird Island).

A translated version of the boat schedule can be found here and is subject to change, so it’s best to call to confirm ahead of time. Also check the which port/visitor centre the boat leaves from. Good information about the islands can be found on the Phsea website.

Transport around Magong City and Surrounds

Scooter Rental – Visitors and residents in Penghu get around like the rest of Taiwan, on scooters. Scooters can be hired from a large number of rental shops scattered around the downtown area, within walking distance from the ferry terminal. They can also be rented at a shop just outside the airport. Rental shops generally require a Taiwanese driver’s license, though many accept ARCs (Alien Resident Cards), foreign driver’s licenses and possibly passports. Ask around and try a few shops if one declines to rent to you. The average cost of renting a scooter for the day (24 hours) is NT350-400 depending on the season. If you want to rent for longer try to ask for a discount. Make sure you drive safely and wear a helmet as the police will give you a ticket.

The more populated outer islands such as Wangan, Chimei and Jibei have scooter rental available at the port.  On Jiang Jun (General Island) ask at the Snorkeling Shop/Guesthouse, they usually rent out scooters on request.

Long Term Scooter Rental – Renting long term isn’t very common, but there are a few scooter repair shops that have been known to rent the odd scooter cheaply. Usually the scooters they rent are in poor condition, but any repairs required will be taken care of by the mechanic without charge. Ask the lao ban (boss) at the small SYM store on Zhong Hua Road (across from the water company) if he has anything for rent – usually around NT1000 per month for 125cc. The mechanic on San Duo Road, next to the Family Mart has also rented scooters long term before – around NT1200 per month for 50cc.

Car Rental – Cars can be rented from a rental shop directly across from the airport. This shop has scooters as well as a number of cars for rent. The Penghu NSA website has a long list of other companies with cars and scooters for rent.

Taxis – With many private taxi companies operating in Magong, it’s not too difficult to spot and hail a cab. Prices are usually calculated by meter, though some trips have standard fares. It’s roughly NT300 for a one-way trip to the airport, though if you call ahead it’s only NT200. Taxis can be hired for day tours around the island for a few thousand, but hiring a scooter is much more fun and gives you more freedom to explore. There’s a yellow taxi stand at the top of Zhōng Zhèng Road and one on Zhong Hua, near the gas station.

Buses – There are local buses that have regular service routes from Magong to Siyu and many of the villages in between. The main station is located in town just off Zhōng Zhèng Road, on the corner of Min Zhu and Zhōng Xing Roads. Tourists almost never use the local buses so timetable information isn’t readily available and can only be obtained from the main station and some bus stops. Public buses are free for Penghu residents.

Cycling Cycling is a great way to get around Penghu. Whether you’re going from Magong to Siyu or just around Magong City and along the city’s bike paths, there’s plenty to explore on your bike. More and more guesthouses and hotels are offering bicycles to their guests though renting independently remains difficult. If you’d like to cycle around, it’s best to stay at a guesthouse or hotel which has complementary bikes or rentals available to guests. Apparently Magong Airport has free bike available for loan, ask at the information desk.

Penghu Bike Rental rents out well maintained mountain bikes to visitors for a reasonable daily fee of 200NTD.

Many Taiwanese people come to Penghu to cycle, and the local government has even provided maps and information of cycle routes throughout the islands. However, cyclists generally bring their own equipment as there is no place to rent professional gear in Penghu. The Penghu Information Network has some great information on some so-called secret cycle routes and a few guesthouses that might rent out bikes. The maps are relatively and the recommended routes include half-day, whole-day and 2-day trips.

Buying Vehicles Most local people purchase vehicles on the mainland and ship them over to Penghu, as they are generally cheaper and easier to find. This is a good idea for foreigners who come to live and work in Penghu, as cheap scooters can easily be bought from others in the foreign community. If you plan to send any kind of vehicle from the mainland to Penghu make sure all its papers are in order otherwise it won’t be allowed on to the ferry. This is due to the large number stolen of scooters shipped between islands.

Stores selling new scooters can easily be found around town. Prices usually range from 35-65,000NTD depending on the engine size. Secondhand scooters and cars are a little more difficult to find, however the classified section of Phsea Forum sometimes has postings of vehicles for sale and is worth checking out.  You can also post what you are looking for and people usually reply with offers or advice. 

A number of scooter repair shops also sell rebuilt scooters from around 24 – 28,000NTD  for a 125cc. They usually offer 6-12 month warranties on the scooters and the service is very good. See the map for two such stores. 



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