To get the most out of a trip to Penghu you really need to spend five to seven days making your way around the islands. However, most people tend to come for three to four days. Here are a couple of suggested itineraries for those who want to see the best of Penghu but have limited travel time.

Firstly, to make the most of your time, renting a scooter is the way to go. Scooters are relatively cheap to rent, easy to ride and offer a huge amount of freedom in exploring the islands. For those who prefer to cycle around, make sure you have your own cycling gear and check out the cycling routes detailed (translated from Chinese) on this great website.

Which ever way you choose to get around, be sure to get a map (from the airport or visitor centre) and stock up on water, sun cream, snacks and of course if you like taking pictures bring your camera. If you plan on going swimming or surfing it’s helpful to check the tides to find out the best time to hit the water. Because of rocks and coral most beaches are best during high tide. Enjoy!

3-Day Trip

3 Responses to TRAVEL

  1. This is great! Please post your suggestions for five to seven days trip

    • italsista says:

      Hi neededanaccountbutdidntwantone,

      If you’re staying for longer and want to see more, I would recommend you include more of the outer islands in your trip. Wangan, Chimei and Jibei are the easiest to travel to and all have guesthouses, stores and scooter rental. Check back soon for an article on visiting Wangan & Jung Jun islands.

      I’d also visit Neian Beach on Siyu Island (45 minutes by scooter from Magong) as it is one of the best beaches on the mainland. Camp there if you’re up for it and take advantage of the BBQs and gazebos…

  2. Guillermo Maceiras says:

    Hi Asha!!

    This is Will. I´ve wrote you once a couple of year ago while i was living in Bali but definitelly you won´t remember me. I asked you back then about Penghu… and so I do now. I have only 1 night to spend… but it is a very important one for me. I would like to go to the most beautiful, secluded and natural white sand beach where I could freecamp for a night with my bicycle and few things. Promise I will leave the beach cleaner than I find it. Please, can youtell me The One beach you think is the most special according to your experiences and that match the brief description i gave you?

    I expect to go this coming week, most likely the 7th… i am not scared of the cold;)



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