Day 1 – Breakfast Street > Old West Gate > Military Residence Open-air Museum > Shili Beach/Shanshui Beach > Walk the lanes of Old Magong > Mazu Temple > Sunset at Guanyinting/Rainbow Bridge

Day 2  –  36km ride around the horseshoe > Tongliang Temple/Banyan Tree > The Great Bridge > Xiaomenyu > Erkan Village > Siyu Western Fort > Siyu Lighthouse > Lintou Park/Aimen Beach

Day 3 – Head out on a ferry or private boat to one of these outer islands:  JibeiWangan or Chimei, for a day of exploring rural villages and beautiful beaches.


Detailed itinerary for each day:

Day 1 – Breakfast Street > Old West Gate > Military Residence Open-air Museum > Shili Beach/Shanshui Beach > Walk the lanes of Old Magong > Mazu Temple > Sunset at Guanyinting/Rainbow Bridge

Morning – Start off the day with a traditional breakfast somewhere along the Breakfast Alley in central Magong. >>> Head down to the end of Zhong Zhen Rd and turn right on to Zhong Shan Rd making your way up to the city’s Old West Gate. You can park near the gate and walk up to the top to get a view of the harbour. Walk down the wooden steps and wander around to find old military residences, built in simple traditional style, which are now part of Military Residence Open-air Museum. Be sure to pass under the big arch and wander all the lanes of old houses to find relics of past lives and hidden gardens. >>> Now it’s time to head out of town to a village called Shanshui which has the islands’ only surf beach. While there you can wander around, stop in at the Penghu Surf Club where you can rent a board or grab a bite, and visit the local temple. If you’re after somewhere much quieter head out to Shili, a very small quiet little fishing village with a shallow sandy swimming beach.

Afternoon – Take a stroll around Old Magong and the many lanes and alleys that make up the city centre. Find the old Four-Eye-Well and see if you have the skills to fill the bucket with water. Stop in some of the specialty stores and check out the local goods such as peanut candy, salty crackers, dried squid snacks and cactus sweets. Also, stop in at the Mazu Temple, the oldest temple in Taiwan. >>> Make your way down to Guyanyinting for sunset over the Rainbow Bridge as it lights up at dusk, take a couple of beers with you if you like. >>> Take a walk around Magong at night to enjoy a different side of the city and grab something to eat.

Day 2 – 36km ride around the horseshoe > Tongliang Temple/Banyan Tree> The Great Bridge > Xiaomenyu > Erkan Village > Siyu Western Fort > Siyu Lighthouse > Lintou Park/Aimen Beach

Make sure you have a full tank of gas if you’re going to ride around the horseshoe (shape of the 3 main islands which are connected by bridges). Finding places to eat outside of Magong can be challenging, however, you can pack a picnic lunch or keep an eye out for a 7-11.

Morning – Get off to an early start and head out along the 203 Road. Follow it all the way to The Great Bridge (you’ll pass the wind farm on the way, which you can walk around if you like), making a left turn to Tongliang before you cross the bridge. Here you’ll find an impressive 200 year-old Banyan tree that covers the courtyard of the Bao’an Temple. On the side of the courtyard you can find small stores selling goods and snacks, the most famous of which is cactus ice cream. >>> Head across The Great Bridge and then turn right off the highway to Xiaomenyu, a small island with a quaint fishing village, connected to Siyu Island by a small bridge. Going into Xiaomenyu really feels like you’re entering a secluded and windswept Shangri-La. Head to the end of the road and park at the beach front. From here walk up the small lanes past a few vendors selling snacks, more cactus ice cream, hats and other local goodies. Make your way up along the hillside path to the top of the cliff and take in the view of the ocean on one side and village and gardens on the other. There’s also a geology museum here and one of the famous Whale Caves, though neither are particularly impressive. >>> Get back on the 203 and keep going until you see signs for Erkan Village, the best preserved examples of traditional Penghu coral houses. This village is a must see and will give you a real feel for the beauty and simplicity of old style Penghu living. Take your time wandering around the village and if there’s a store open stop in and have a drink. >>> From Erkan make your way down the 203 again to the Western Fort, the most impressive of the forts in Penghu and a nice place to stroll tunnels and climb the mounds that once protected the island from invasion.  It’s also a nice respite from the hot sun and there are some pretty good views, too. >>> The last a final stop along the longest highway in Penghu is the Siyu Lighthouse, which is less impressive than the many lighthouses on the outer islands but all the same worth the visit. Situated on the far end of Siyu Island on a high cliff next to a small military instillation, the lighthouse is surrounded by cactus and clear blue ocean.

Afternoon – Feel like relaxing on the beach after all that riding? Take the 204 all the way to Lintou Park/Aimen Beach for a swim, walk along the longest beach in Penghu and laze the afternoon away under a gazebo on the edge of the ocean. If you prefer a more populated, ‘happening’ beach try Shanshui Beach instead.

Day 3 – Head out to one of these outer islands, JibeiWangan or Chimei, for a day of exploring. All the islands are best traveled by scooter or bicycle and generally have one main road that goes around the island along with many smaller lanes throughout the villages. Get to see local life up close and personal by venturing into the small villages and conversing with the locals.


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