Penghu Bike Rental

penghubike.comIf you’re interested in cycling around Magong City, or even further out around the islands, Penghu Bike rents out fully equipped 7 speed mountain bikes for 200NTD / 24 hours. Each bike is well maintained and has a helmet, headlight, odometer, small pump, water bottle holder and a bag (suitable for camera, wallet, water, swim gear, suncream, hat etc).

The shop is conveniently  located on Zhong Hua Road across from Magong Senior High School and despite limited English, Mr. O, the owner is very friendly and helpful. The store has free maps of the main islands in Chinese, English and Japanese, as well as other cycling equipment for sale.

To rent a bike you’ll need to sign a contract (in English) and provide either an ARC or  Passport. If you provide an ARC, it will be held until you return the bike; a passport will simply be photocopied in the store and returned to you immediately.

*Remember to check the condition of the bike you choose and make sure it’s all in working order. On the contract you should make a note of any scratches or other visible damage on the bike.

Also if you are cycling in Penghu it’s important to note that the UV is very strong (especially between 10am – 4pm) and no matter what kind of skin you have, you’re likely to burn quickly. It’s very wise to cover up with a hat, long sleeves and wear sunglasses.

TEL: 06-9261118  / 0928703109     FAX: 06-9272933   E-MAIL:

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About italsista Asha Andersen, is a visual artist from New Zealand. This site is a way of sharing photography, art, music and all things ital. To see a larger selection of my photographic work visit italsista on flickr. vitalpenghu is a collection of reviews, articles and photographs of the Penghu archipelago.
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2 Responses to Penghu Bike Rental

  1. Charles Xu says:

    Hi Asha,

    Good write-up. Informative and clear. Thank you.

    The bikes look very new. Is this shop new in Penghu too? Can’t seem to find it on GoogleMaps streetview.


    • italsista says:

      Hi Charles,

      I guess it’s only been around since last summer. Also, I don’t think google has updated street view for a while. You won’t miss the bike shop if you are directly across from the Magong Senior High School entrance though. There are only a few shops there and this one has all the bikes out the front.

      Hope that helps.

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